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Each garden structure is made from sustainable FSC certified Siberian Larch wood and features a modern but simple slatted wooden exterior cladding, that blends well in your garden.

The Ruumi comes in a standard size which requires just 2.5m X 3m garden space to be installed and does not require any prior planning permissions, making it both quick and efficient to install.  The Ruumi's compact size also means it can fit easily into small garden spaces, making it cosy and affordable.  


The structure is designed to allow for natural sunlight, featuring multiple windows, skylight and a glass door.

It also comes fully insulated with double glazed windows and doors, so it can be used all year-round.  

The interior space can be customized to suit your needs, whether it be for work, study or play. We are happy to talk through your ideas for the garden space and provide the necessary additions to make the space yours. 

Create your dream Ruumi.

Tell us about your garden space today.

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